Yves Saint Laurent launched an ad campaign using The Magic Mirror

Ján Iľko on April 28, 2022

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Marketing aims to raise people‘s interest in products or services and motivate consumers to purchase. Many brands and ad agencies are struggling with what could be the next "new thing," which will help them gain the desired attention of their target group.
In addition to the media budget, integral parts of successful ad campaigns are a clear message, nailing the design, and attractive campaign execution through effectively designed marketing channels. Technological progress brings marketers many new opportunities to engage the target audience innovatively. However, have you ever tried products in an online marketing campaign?

Engage your audience!

The world-class brand Yves Saint Laurent and a Parisian ad agency specializing in mobile online advertising decided to bring the new AR AD hybrid concept to life. The campaign's main idea was to offer the audience the online try-on option for LASH CLASH products directly from the displayed ad. Here Virtooal and our Magic Mirror come into place. From a user perspective, The Magic Mirror represents one of the simplest try-on tools, which enables consumers to try the products instantly. And how does it work? Super-easy! The ad is shown on users‘ mobile devices. After clicking on the displayed ad and enabling the mobile camera, which does not collect or use the consumer’s data, the customer can try on the LASHes instantly from the ad.

What results can be expected?

Consumers who land on the websites from the ad campaign utilizing AR AD solutions spend on average almost four times more time, searching and trying different product versions compared to other ads without the try-on option. Thus the new AR AD solutions for advertisers not only increase the conversion rates, but brands squeeze the opportunity coming with the new AR AD tool to inform, engage and deliver an instant realistic experience also for product promotions online.

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