The Secret Sauce of World’s Leading Virtual Try-On Tool (VTO)

Sofia Novakova on April 6, 2022

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Since 2015 VIRTOOAL has been developing a Live Try-On Solution for eyewear, cosmetics, jewelry, and accessories such as hats, scarfs, earphones, etc. Nowadays, with over 5000 E-commerce clients over five continents, VIRTOOAL stays at the forefront and ranks among the world’s leaders in the segment of accessories and beauty AR technologies for online retailers.

What are the secret ingredients of try-on plugin boosting E-commerce performance?


Answering the above question brings us back to 2015 when the story started. The initial idea and vision were crystal clear and didn’t change over time.

Ondrej Bagin, CEO Virtooal

When the simplicity of installation and usage meets the highest level of reality to live product visualization at an affordable price, your success will come. It’s all about happy & engaging shopping resulting in satisfied customers, fewer returns, and higher sales conversions with more units in the basket!”  Ondrej pitched Virtooal team in 2015. 





The tool's intuitive usage starts far away before the final user interface. In a fast-paced digital environment, the installation of the tool and product integration needs to be smooth, fast, and as easy for all.  Although the truth is that the technical skills of online merchants are improving from one day to another, on the other side, time means sources and money everyone wants to use effectively.


The first-in-class onboarding process makes the difference. Installation of the tool is easy and doesn’t require any programming skills. The crucial part of onboarding is product integration which can bring real wrinkles, not Virtooal! Effective 3D product visualization made of just two 2D product images means a real revolution for merchants and will significantly speed up the process. On top of that, all businesses develop over time and require updates in their product portfolio. Merchants with frequent changes in product portfolio will take multiple benefits from it. For the initial setup, up to 100 glasses and or 1000 units of cosmetic products, the 3D rendering is free of charge. The following updates are also fast, and each additional 3D product render costs only 4USD. Merchants can save quite a lot of money for 3D product content, which is far more attractive to shoppers. Comparing standard market prices, total annual savings can reach a few thousand USD. What’s more, online retailers with 100 eyewear products can save thousands only with the initial setup. That makes live try-on from Virtooal a real money-earning machine boosting online sales! :)  


The usage of the tool is practical and fun at the same time. Thus, the customers can gain an entertaining shopping experience with confident purchase decision-making based on the realistic try-on tool.




You can rely on us for the quality since the 2015 Magic Mirror; the try-on tool is used by +5000 online stores worldwide. Undisputed, a realistic product visualization is an essential factor in customer decision-making.

When comparing live try-on solutions available on the market, several factors should be considered.

  1. Test the size of the visualized eyewear frames. Does the frame fit the face well?
  2. How do the visualized frames behave during the online try-on experience? Indeed try to test frontal and various sides positions moving your face side to side and from up and down.
  3. Is the 3D product shown as floating or stable?
  4. Test how easily users can change glasses? Is the option for product change available directly on the try-on module? This makes the shopper experience even simpler, more attractive, and funnier.
  5. Keep an eye on details such as the frame occlusion around the nose, the temple occlusion behind the face, colors, shades, and other visual parameters.

According to clients’ surveys, which include 200+ online retailers across the globe, the eyewear product visualization of the VIRTOOAL try-on tool reaches the level of 95% reality. In the world of many parallel universes, you can probably find a more realistic eyewear 3D product visualization, depends how much you like to invest. Well, now let’s look at the affordability of the solution. 



Affordability is our mantra and stays in the center of our focus from the first line of the code. The prerequisite of the real revolution in the online buying process requires spread and widely used solutions. Virtual try-on solutions that came into life a decade ago are still more and more available and can change our shopping habits over time.


From small online boutique stores to large corporates. All size online stores can afford it due to the market's best price/performance ratio. On top of that, with 95% reality of 3D product visualization, first-in-class onboarding process, smooth and cost-effective 3D renderings, VIRTOOAL provides:


100% money-back guarantee if the store conversion rate does not increase by at least 10% after six months of using the Magic Mirror.



Happy shopping! :) 


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