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Zuzana Ritchie on August 7, 2020

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If you haven’t joined the ‘Virtual Try-On Shopping’ cult yet, it’s not too late to redeem yourselves, savvy makeup specialists and enthusiasts.

Plenty of cult makeup brands jumped on the bandwagon already, offering their loyal customers more immersive experience when shopping for all things makeup.

I don’t even know where to begin with praising this must-have tool for cosmetics businesses in the e-commerce realm.

Take it from me, the makeup devotee, codename ‘The Lipstick Addict’. So many lipstick colours to try, buy, own and wear, so little time to visit the actual high street cosmetics stores these mercilessly busy days.

Augmented reality plugin, i.e. virtual try-on mirror on the web pages of your favourite makeup shop enables you to discover if that vivid pink lipstick goes with your new purple hair or whether you suit a green eyeshadow at all. In need of a makeover? The virtual try-on shopping tool has got you covered, fellow beauty aficionados.

The virtual try-on tool should be user friendly and offer options for experimenting with various colours, textures, styles of the application of a makeup product and the opportunity to adjust it to your facial features and shape of your eyes, eyebrows or lips.

If it ticks all these boxes, you are in for a treat. In the past, I spent hundreds of hours in my favourite makeup shops, trying on hundreds of colours of hundred types of makeup products. So much it made me dizzy. Sure, dizzy with joy and thrill of so many colours to gaze upon but at the end of each long marathon I often lost track of which products or hues I adored or suited the most and what were the names. I always walked out of the store with a feeling of ‘I’ve forgotten something’.

No such flustered feelings with a virtual try-on tool. In the comfort of your home or even on the go, sporting a smartphone, a tablet or working with a laptop, you can get a dose of dopamine with just a few clicks and lift your mood by popping a new lipstick (or three) in the basket and make your eyes pop with an eyeshadow colour you never knew you suited.

Click a try-on button, pick a makeup product or build your new makeover look with a few, and capture it too. Shopping made easy, and in the current challenging times of social distancing and ever changing rules, who doesn’t welcome easier options?

To see our Virtual Try-On tool in action, visit our Demo Store.

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