VIDEO: Displaying the real size of sunglasses and prescription glasses via pupillary distance setting

Zuzana Ritchie am June 25, 2020

Hi, Virtooal fans!

Our newest Vlog is live! 

What do I talk about in this one? The fantastic virtual try-on mirror plugin feature which enables a customer to set up a correct size of the eyewear thanks to the option of choosing the right pupillary distance measurement.

This helpful feature makes sure that the sunglasses and prescription glasses you’re trying on using our ‘magic mirror’ fit your face perfectly, i.e., they are the right size for you and placed correctly on your face. 

If you’re puzzled about what a pupillary distance is, watch our short video explaining it all, and how it will improve your future shopping experience at any online store that uses our virtual try-on mirror plugin.

The pupillary distance setting ensures the customers pop the desired eyewear product in the basket and shop more confidently.

Need more convincing? Head over to our Demo Store to check out this plugin feature for yourself! 


Stichworte:    Prescription Glasses   Pupillary Distance   Sunglasses

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